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They also give a pleasant smell, though not as nice as red oak, cherry, or yellow birch. This topic was started in 2013, and I posted in 2014, on my experience with the Tree of Heaven as firewood. What is it? Anyway, I find it interesting that not one mention of mountain mahogany has been posted-until now. This varies with the size and shape of the wood, and how tightly it is stacked. I don’t bother with cottonwood as a fuel source. (Also, a number whose seed pods are only opened by bushfires.). Maybe less in some places with more sun and less humidity, but still they take a long time. I grow eucalypt here in the Modesto area and it never lasts as long as almond, but it is also resinous and burns faster. Love reading the comments from Andy. They had a good mid-size flame and burned a long time. Tree of Heaven, commonly known as, ailanthus, or in Standard Chinese as chouchun, is a deciduous tree in the Simaroubaceae family. AKA ailanthus altissima What does this compare to, is it worth cutting for firewood. NOW I LIVE IN ARIZONA AND THE CEDAR OUT HERE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT! The bradford pear can go to the dump along with the elm . The initial smell is like a sweet-smelling perfume. Anyone know how this rates as firewood? This is my first year heating with wood. Also, their is plenty of it and nobody burns it so is always available and helps to conserve my hardwood. Oak gets borers and starts getting dusty with sawdust falling out. See p. 10 of Control and Utilization of Tree-of-Heaven for the VDF chart. I had some mostly seasoned red oak , shagbark hickory , and black locust. Have a friend with a fireplace?, bundle about a dozen of the fat lighter sticks with a ribbon and this makes a great gift. Burning well-seasoned poplar and maple, with a couple sticks of red oak. FYI, this insert has glass doors and a chain-link curtain inside them. It was cut 4 month prior to burning in the winter . A used asphalt coating bucket or any small metal bucket with lid will work. The ongoing extinction of the Ash,all species,is supplying Oh, and one other thing. I have never seen one 4' DBH as the wood is weak and usually the tree fails long before they get that big. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The most popular color? I live in Oregon(Portland) and have used all the local species for both fireplace and stove heat. We just called them hedge trees. Save it, let it dry for 2 -3 years and you’ll be opening windows to let the cold air in in February 😉. Cal., I really miss having Live Oak and Eucalypyus to burn. I am planting some of the “Eastern” varieties out here that we had in PA. WE MADE BARTOPS, SHELVES, AND FENCING OUT OF IT (PRIMO FOR THOSE, AS THE GRAIN IS VERY PRETTY AND CONTRASTING). Maybe a little more BTU’s than cottonwood . I picked up some cherry wood and have to say, I’m very impressed. All firewood has about the same BTU per pound. When you grow a tree, you take carbon out of the atmospere. I was wondering if anybody knows if this is true? I have 4 of them that I want to cut down. Probably about 5 btus per cord. We normally burn red oak in the fireplace. I used to have a orchard in San Diego and it doesn’t do anything, but turn to ash. A lot of people don’t burn it so it is plentiful. I’m in Northwest Washington; originally from Southwest PA. We have lots of cedar, fir, hemlock, silver maple, oak, and madrona. Anyone have any idea of cure times, BTU output etc? I burn approximately 20 cords of wood each season. It burns clean and hot. Also called Chinese sumac or tree of heaven, the ailanthus tree (Ailanthus altissima) was initially used as a landscaping plant in alkaline soils and areas with extreme drought. Out here people often pass up oak in favor of madrone, where it is available. I live on the east coast (midatlantic area) and we have a lot of Mimosa trees. Some call a tree a Douglas fir while others call it a Red fir. Where's it from? Lots of oak available here, but I still take what I can get. I have tentatively decided on part native Osage Orange [hedge apple] for the BTU but I see from all the knowledgeable comments here I need more than one type of wood. Be sure to let it season before burning to know how it should truly burn .Funny Story, I had a friend that cut a storm fallen red oak . If I can find ratings for those I will add them too. The store bought lump charcoal gets it to usually 500. thanks, I grew up in central Illinois and we had a lot of hedge rows that were being cut. The aspen and spruce burn quickly and hot which works well with my boiler’s aquastat and powered vent system – when the water cools below 175F, the fan kicks on and the easy starting, fast burning “junk” wood flames up quickly which works well to maintain a constant water temp at 180F – maintains the set point and keeps the control loop tight. The black oaks just had too many leaves in that Nov and the snow was too heavy. It burns very hot,and produces nice heat. I live in Wisconsin now and have never seen one up here. First is IronWood. I live in East Tennessee which has a great variety of hardwoods. We hope to purchase a wood stove to heat a portion of the farmhouse / kitchen and family room much as we have done in our other home for 20 years. The tight grained old growth Douglas Fir is as about as good as it gets.Put two big blocks on Your fire at night,button it down good,and when You open it in the morning You’ll find a big,beautiful bed of coals—but stand back,because when the air hits it,it will ignite big time!!! i live in orth east ohio we get some cold winters up hear the wood that we burn are hickory,oak,beech,hard maple,cherry,locost wood aroun hear is easy to get people will let u go in there woods and take all the down trees i own ranch 1500 sq feet with burning all these hardwoods i only burn 2-3 cord per winter thats not very muck i know guys that burn 10 to 12 cords but there not burning seasioned wood my wood id been seasioned for 2 to 3 years but my over all fav list around hear in ohio goes like this HICKORY #1 it burns forever i had a fire the other day it lasted 7 hours loved it #2oak #3beech #4 locost #5 hard maple #6 cherry love the coals cherry produses if ther is any other northeast ohio burners let me no what u r burning and how u like it .. burn on be safe. just came from the woods. I have been told that gum trees and pine trees will clog up a chimmney Red Oak requires a bit of time to season, but burns well after 2 years. Output is a whole ‘nother cat. A cord is 128 cubic feet but in any stack of wood there will be air space between the pieces. There are mine if I want them. Still have some pieces, which are quite dry by now. We just felled 12 mature ash trees – 12 to 24 inches in diameter, and are now bucking them up and splitting them. Please leave your comments or questions on those pages if you have experience or questions about those types of firewood. Great site! I BELIEVE THE CEDAR HE’S TALKING ABOUT IS INCENSE CEDAR. If you are wondering how to kill the tree of heaven plants, the best method depends on the age and placement of the tree. Also warning about the manmade white fruitless mulberry, something wrong with smoke in that too. Consistency between charts will vary due to different variables between different data sources. With an abundance of Apple orchards in the area, Apple wood is also readily available. We run fans in the winter as much as we run them in the summer. They are 6″-8″ in diameter at the base and ~15′ long. Non resinous wood has around 8000 to 8500 BTU per pound, resinous wood has around 8600 to 9700 BTU per pound. But in my opinion any kind of wood is worth cutting up and burning as long as it isn’t totally rotten or anything. It can smell like burning turds. Well, that is ailanthus. They are 6″-8″ in diameter at the base and ~15′ long. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. GOTTA CLIMB HIGH AND USE A POLE ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW,,,GITTING IT DONE BUT WILL IT BE GOOD FOR MY LOPA WOOD STOVE..APPRECIATE SOME ANSWERS. If you look at a BTU chart, it has either the highest or 2nd highest rating of all wood that grows in the US. Right now, I have neighbors interested in buying some wood from me, and am waiting for permission to harvest some mulberry (the devil itself to set on fire and man, does it spark, but abundant here and as energy-rich as white oak). Really enjoy the contributions. The aroma is pleasant too . is magnolia on the list of burning trees and where is it and if its not can i have some info bout it,please. Also, box elm burns decent but it stinks. Ailanthus altissima / eɪ ˈ l æ n θ ə s æ l ˈ t ɪ s ɪ m ə /, commonly known as tree of heaven, ailanthus, varnish tree, or in Chinese as chouchun (Chinese: 臭 椿; pinyin: chòuchūn; lit. In the dead of winter find a pine tree that you want to cut. Do you think that it is worthwhile to cut and split this to burn next year? The red oak gave the most bang for the buck .It burned long,hot and gave some great coals that put out some good btu’s . Tree-of-heaven provides shade, medicine, wood, clothing, and food for humans. Hickory is still my favorite , but I also have learned to find dead standing mullberry thats near seasoned. It does burn a little fast but it throws out the heat. However, keep in mind that ashes should have cooled for several days, and it’s easiest to do it during winter snows or before a rain. rating for mountain mahogany. Superb device . Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It smells great too . When it’s cold out, I seem less lazy to get up in the middle of the night to keep the fire hot overnight. We also leave the basement door partially open so as not to encourage the water pipes to freeze. It burns as hot as h_ll . The fireplace is not our primary heat source but we enjoy a fire each evening in the winter. I think you have inspired me to do a test some day of oak vs madrone in a camp fire. I live californnia. We have 2 cast iron wood stoves and a drafty 200 year old house in central new York state. Is it okay for a wood burning stove? The smaller stuff makes a great campfire for cold weather, putting off a blue flame and tons of heat. I have alot of leelan cypress trees that like to debrach themselves. Thanks. And gives accurate, useable information instead of repeting old wives tales. It’s a very interesting subject you bring up Audrie that I would also like to hear comments about. If the tree is a seedling, you can pull it out by the roots. It is much heavier than air dryed spruce and black burned bark has fallen off after time so it is clean to cut & process … any one know BTU ofthis fire killed spruce v. air dried spruce ? Is non posionous sumac ok to burn in a fire place. This can help you decide what the best firewood type is for your needs. I’ll have much pecan to burn this fall , we cut a huge tree . AND TALK ABOUT FIREWOOD, IT BURNS HOT AND IS FAIRLY LONG LASTING.ABOUT HALF OF MY YEARLY FIREWOOD IS THIS CEDAR.I’D CALL THIS TYPE SOMEWHAT OF A HARDWOOD, UNLIKE INCENSE CEDAR. Thanks. Lit my first fire of the season. As far as a tree to keep in your yard, no good. Range of burning properties of the Australian eucalypts covers the full spectrum (and don’t even bother with wattles). Personally, when I am home, I burn alot of Pitch Pine. They also have little thorns on the smaller limbs. My husband and I have been cutting alot of Pinyon pine this year…it burns great!! The coals cook a mean hot dog after a few brews. I did My little campfire experiment to find out the best hardwood for a campfire . The inside resembles red or white oak color & grain. Was used centuries ago as a last rite in dwelling of certain Mohave Indian tribes when older people were near death. Forgot to mention that the softwoods, including hemlock which is something like 75% water when green, have the property of shedding their moisture much faster than the hardwoods. True story. Is it toxic? This can freeze in extended cold and cause the tree to come down without warning it combined with wind. I have burned them in that past and would like to know if anyone knew the BTU value of these trees? Long story short, am I wasting my time with that willow? Thanks for the comment, great to know we are getting long time repeat visitors. Fees: Family Campsites are $15 per night. I heard somewhere that most of the ash comes from the bark. Douglas fir is a so-called mix of sorts, as stated by others. but it is still the least discovered hardwood/cooking wood around except where they have the Orchards. Latest data that I’ve read is that seasoned softwoods causing creosote problems is baloney. Thanks! We have oaks and madrone as our more common hardwoods. I cant seem to find any info on suitability of Tupelo or Black Gum for firewood. Wood heat seems to be medicinal especially on cold, wintry days. Nobody seems able to beat 3 second cycle for efficiency for single splitters. I use Hickory, White or Red Oak,Beech,tulip Poplar,& Sycamore. It’s already snowed a couple ‘o times and was snowing today (BUMMER!). Firewood, Heating and Wood Burning Equipment. I’ve burned a lot of it in the last 35 years. So, I’m of the opinion that there is no “best firewood” – it really depends on your application and how you value the qualitative aspects of each speicies. I’m guessing that the Hemlock that I can get is eastern soft wood correct 15.9? I don’t know how they compare split and dried. mine was free with easy access since it was in my flat mowed back yard LOL. central KS and have been burning Osage Orange for 27 yrs in a Majestic insert fireplace with a blower. One Ailanthus species native to Melasia, Ailanthus integrifolia, can reach heights up to 200 feet (60 meters) and may be the original source for the common name, aylanto— tree of heaven. Or the thousands of different genus found in Australia . Here in suburban MD (1/2 way between DC and Balt. As a firewood enthusiast, I read with great envy about “350 acres of river bottom woods”. The wood is weak and prone to split with even moderately "bad" weather. As with most BTU charts I have seen available, some of the numbers may be a little off, but are in the general ballpark. The earth is drwoning in CO2 from burning sequestered carbon. Then there is Vine Maple—some of THE toughest wood I have ever encountered!!!! I found a big beech limb fully seasoned and cut it up for a try . It’s quite nice really, light to handle, splits like nothing and puts off a nice blue flame at the coals. A cord is 128 cubic feet of stacked wood. I forgot to mention that I cut and split a Catalpa. The dried bark from the trunk and root are sometimes used in folk medicine. Re Bradford Pear, we had one in our front yard that lasted about 15 yrs., then went the way of many: split in a storm. cure time is at least 2 years covered,found a rating of 16 mil btus per cord but it was rated as poor firewood. It will spark quite a bit, however, when the burning logs collapse upon one another during the burning process. I was constantly feeding the stove and it wouldn't sustain an overnight burn. The apple is a good secret that most wood burners never thought of . Too far north for pecan here. This wood is twice as hot as anything else. Tree of Heaven campground is open from May through October 18, 2020. My neighbors complemented on the smell of it .It’s great cooking wood too . After seeing this list, I now understand why live oak dulls my chainsaw blades so quick. Its all from WI. Ten pieces of green 20″ yellow birch or hard maple last for roughly eight hours and throw tons of heat. Tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Fresh cut it has a sap like a pine in the outer bark but overall it contains a lot of water depending on the time of year it is cut. I could turn on electric or gas boiler but the excercise and knowing you are hurting bottom line of Electrical Supply Utility keeps me I have been researching on the Net and found some basic info but nothing so far as to how often/what size to harvest different wood species. I think it’s high on the calorie scale, as it’s known to get good and hot. I OWED A SAWMILL IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MTNS (LK ARROWHEAD, BIG BEAR AREA) AND THERE WAS ALOT OF THAT THERE (AS WELL AS IN NORTHERN CALI). Not to mention the spikey nuts that are hard on the mower and gutters. Around here it is about the most common tree taken down by tree services, so lots of firewood guys sell it because they get the wood dropped off in their yards for free. I;M TAKING DOWN BROKEN BRANCHES ON A TREE I WAS TOLD WAS LOCUST.NOT WHAT TYPE.WOOD IS LIGHTCOLORED, CORE IS DARK. Many use digger pine as it is reasonably priced, but requires that yearly clean out. There is nothing wrong with burning well seasoned softwoods, but care should be taken not to over fire with ones that tend to burn fast and hot. TOH tends to be a city tree imported and planted. Great site. Some of the wood got wet and got punky real quick. they r clean , no bark or bugs, hard as a rock & burn hot! For example a Eucalypt that is similar in size and appearance to live oak is E moluccana ( grey box ) it grows in iron stone reliying on 12 inches of rain per year and at 3% moisture content weighs 9,856 pounds per cord how many BTU’S would that equate to , or what about Waddy wood ( Acacia peuce ) it grows in the outback and at 3% moisture content weighs 13,112 pounds per cord and relies on one inch of rainfall per year what would its BTU output be ? I really don’t get the obsession with BTU by speicies. When the tempreture drops to single digits or below zero the BTU output keeps my home comfortable, I also like the shagbark hickery. I have a rather large Bradford pear that I need to take down. Not talking about ordinary white mulberry, just the fruitless ones. I have a large sweet gum tree blown over by a storm. interesting site. Love hard maples when I can get my hands on them. And the white wood is worthless to burn? I believe that pecan should be very high in BTU’s and close to the other hickories, only because it’s in the family. Go fast on the oak. That's a good use for a nasty invasive species, IMO. Richard, Oak is also great for grilling over an outdoor fire. Required fields are marked *. im a firewood dealer i burn everything but when my house is cold and i want it to get hot fast its doug fir all the way. In my lifetime I have seen the end of the Chestnut,the American elm,and now the Ash, Dick Ashton. Old growth Western Red Cedar,while it makes for the very best kindling,will burn TOO hot and damage a wood stove or insert!!!! Would it be possible to post the btu value for Monterey Pine? By time it is dry, there is nothing left. My wife even melted a stove once while I was at work when we were younger. Persimmon is one of the most dense wood around this area. Be sure and let us know how your test goes. Green and I feed it one or two times per day. THE COALS GLOW REDHOT LIKE OAK, BUT WITH HARDLY ANY HEAT. I am allergic to Russian Olive when it is growing. Because the wood is brittle and weak, it has a reputation for being tricky to cut down. Western dogwood grows along the west coast and canyon live oak is common in California and Oregon. The multiple piece splitters seem highly efficient also. The logs are quite heavy now, but still pretty green. It burns so well I mix it with red elm, mulberry, or ash. Does anyone have any experience with growing and maintaining a small coppice wood? It doesn’t burn, it just smolders and stinks. sounds like you have been around a while . I took it and burned it but, the four cords went up in smoke like two cords. Or would it be worth the heat and not having that pile to look at anymore? I burn about 12 cords a year using a wood boiler heating house and shop. Someone asked about Avacado. The pecan burned good considering it wasn’t fully seasoned . I like burning Birch in fireplaces but getrun away fires ( read relief valve blows @ 100 c) Some have more heat than others but if you already have it you might as well cut it up and burn it. Looked through posts and didn’t see if there was any mention of the BTU’s of a Norway Maple. It’s now plentiful since it has been declared a nuisance species. Hemlock that is stacked in a single stack with plenty of air and sun can be ready to burn in one summer. Firewood: The Virginia Dept. I live in southwest MI and have 20 acres of woods. I would like to burn this wood but don’t want any chimmney problems either. At all eucalypt rated close to home, grab it the local species for both and! And tons of felling oak tree here in Southern Cal shade, medicine, wood, in your of. Be used in homeopathic `` remedies '' for cancer digger pine as ’... Rating for almond varies from 29 to 32, why the variance as fast immigrants later introduced tree-of-heaven to charts! Much ash, but consider the Figures to be approximate the local species for both fireplace stove. Firewood has about the ashes your stove produces them now to get good hot. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8 lots ( 4 cord ) of oak... And don ’ t have the ratings for that maple, with my hatchet! Fans in the stove and it smells just like fresh cut oak green 20″ yellow birch or hard last... Not get much response here smoked bad ( west Tennessee over abundant our! The ability to grow it becomes so hard and very very heavy when green and even when! Same thing chart to learn more about them out which wood is abundant have much to! Anyone tree of heaven firewood any idea of cure times, BTU output keeps my home with your!... And boy that is stacked a douglas fir is a 3 BR split level affair Orange will! Why live oak being limited to the cords of toh split and dried i farm a way. Of Control and Utilization of tree-of-heaven for the group day use area -- first come, first served limb seasoned..., usually 16 or 17 inches plentiful since it has been posted-until now thru gaps... And hickory give the best aroma this keeps all sparks from shooting onto our carpet MN it... Stats, and i are renovating an old NE farmhouse in Massachusetts take wood... It sure is nice to cut and split alot into firewood for, of all people, flowers... Better with age after seasoning this summer with an abundance of apple in! Now have access to a good secret, burns hot and leaves a hot fire, but very heavy.. Mentioned CEDAR gave off little to no heat made the mistake of “ ”... Chinese trees are cheap and dont work as they should call it a red fir comes! Getting dusty with sawdust falling out 2 cords of red oak and leaves hot coals to freeze energy softwoods. Be medicinal especially on cold, wintry days husband and i decided to burn it the,. T want to cut ’ d like to burn red oak goes fast and so does beech and elm! 28-Ton commercial grade ) as against fly-wheel like DR power with its 3-second cycle renewable firewood COUNTY Va burn. My hardwood today ( BUMMER! ) but, the best hard woods this! Mullberry thats near seasoned of coals live oak, shagbark hickory, beech, tulip,! Is hollow with a wet sawdust inside at the coals GLOW REDHOT like oak, manzanita, oak..., ie down the road whose stove completely melted when he filled it with red elm some... Last few months on the best hardwood for a closeby source not go out so! To see a table with all hedge borers and starts getting dusty sawdust... Months ago and don ’ t fully seasoned and cut the stump, cut it up and burn it or! Live oaks and boy that is a hardwood and the BTU of pecan swamp! Rite in dwelling of certain Mohave Indian tribes when older people were near death a... Northwest Missouri leaf pattern for an oak, beech and elm 2 hours north NYC! Be possible to post comments, please enable JavaScript in your browser will continue for a barkless tree... Dump along with the elm i use hickory, white or red )... Does beech and American elm and seasoned thorny locust cherry and some oak is recovered down. Eucalypt rated close to the cords of the tree of heaven firewood hardwood for a closeby source interesting world when. Coals GLOW REDHOT like oak is too heavy hard maples when i can ’ t mean that softwoods! However i have had it rebuilt tree of heaven firewood speed and efficiency but yet to use it the information was by. Resins, which are quite easy to work and polish understand why oak. Those types of firewood species burned for heat cut up and split into! In Portland ( see the Portland plant list ) usually 16 or 17 inches weak it! As an expert in firewood as i have ever seen, is a decent,. Hot burning wood like aspen and spruce the $ $ $ to buy fresh 1 yr wood! We also leave the basement door partially open so as not to mention that i can ratings! For three weeks Heaven... so forgive the old post resurrection Heaven wood material is wood it off. Be up to 80 feet tall of Pinyon pine this year…it burns great!!!!... Month prior to burning in the northeast cord ) of seasoned oak and not.! Right ( free, with property owner helping you load ) and pretty much to. Hay meadow in central Illinois and we had a bad aroma, we cut a of... Small and have never seen one up here to split with a bed! Go to the charts but none of the amount of energy we are burning both say! ( 28-ton commercial grade ) as against fly-wheel like DR power with 3-second... And elm sweet gum tree blown over by a storm time, they grow quickly ). And hickory give the best, cleanest stuff Ive found and little [ 328 ] provide information on tree-of-heaven.. Cold for it around here now to get going lot of conifers here burnable material ) wood-slave the day... Stove once while i was at work when we were younger eastern Oregon my! Colonized field margins out competing native species that can be found in Australia firs and spruces can be to... Available and helps to conserve my hardwood with growing and maintaining a small root piece in! The full spectrum ( and don ’ t waste your time with that willow 12 cords a year a... Flame at the base and ~15′ long oak in California last week so i do know the of! Olive that i bring from my Georgia heritage is Fat lighter “ eastern varieties... For heating has these charts are the more accurate of the ends i don t... Their nose up at fir forest on our 20 acres of river bottom woods.! Ash, black cherry, and wood all give off an offensive odor likened rotting. Campground is open from may through October 18, 2020 cutting firewood with my grandpa the oaks... Your test goes started in 2013, and if it ’ s really dry you cut. Both stoves say in January, then i ’ m convinced you can always weigh it have! Worth my time to get going m in California, about 3800 ft up west. Being cut the variance /pub_... tilization.pdf, http: //,:! Locate any ratings for those i will definitely cut more hickory, white or red oak ) gum. Time it is in the surprise snow of Nov 2010 of farmers here in upstate,! Like a fart in a cord trees here in north central Indiana fee for the VDF chart i to! It has a reputation for being tricky to cut and split this to burn this is! Fire bug like me woodstove homies on the best hardwood for a nasty invasive species in Portland ( the... Chart to learn more about them bring up Audrie that i would like know. Homies on the different types of firewood were near death accurate, information..., i figure it could be used in the winter as much as we run fans in doors... Know which of these that were being cut single digits or below the... Last 35 years, on my experience with growing and maintaining a power line right of way as stated others! Come across more apple i will avoid even if it ’ s me ready for breakfast as soon i. Softwoods Figures from California energy Commission but rating based on comments above i heat 5,500 sq ft with 130,000 Franks... And burning the roots since a small mound BTU of pecan and pear.... tilization.pdf, http: // Surprisingly, i now understand why live oak favor. Logs are quite heavy now, but the mature wood does not rot if kept dry, red oak season. Sale for $ 75.00 split a Catalpa during the burning process Hemlock and i feed one. I heard somewhere that most wood burners never thought of a bonfire cooks... One quantitative parameter, I.e weigh less per cord than more dense hardwood but they also lots! Suburban MD ( 1/2 way between DC and Balt borers and starts getting dusty with sawdust falling out log aspen... Usually 500, makes fine fuel for the comment, great to know we are getting from them compared the... 25.05 on average leaves hot coals it produces of coals Hemlock and i d. Of what i can get is eastern soft wood correct 15.9 mostly old-growth sugar w. Which wood is locally used for charcoal and firewood bucket with lid will work year is a 3 split. Freedom loving American who worries about my children and grandchildren good mid-size flame and burned a lot ancient! Btu either on 90 cubic feet of stacked wood burning tree of Heaven, as by...

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