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Housed within a single property, this type of serviced apartment offers the ultimate in privacy for temporary accommodation. We recommend this type of serviced apartment for relocation and long term assignees. SAN editor George Sell looks at some of the key trends that will shape the global serviced apartment and aparthotel sector in 2020. • I SHOULD CO CO Co-living and co-working are two sectors which have very … Serviced apartments. It's also known as a corporate let and shouldn't be confused with more standard short-term stays . Broadly speaking, a serviced apartment is a type of accommodation that can be booked on a night-by-night basis. It’s also worth noting that in the UK, Value Added Tax (VAT) is only levied at 20% for the first 28 days. There are a few differences between serviced apartments and hotels, and knowing these differences … Some of our serviced apartments offer guests access to a number of amenities such as on-site restaurants, cafes and shops. READ: Personalising the serviced apartment experience. Having a kitchen or kitchen facilities is one of the greatest advantages of staying in a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments are available in a variety of configurations from studio apartments up to apartments that have five bedrooms. Travellers on business trips often find that constantly eating out to be too expensive or too monotonous, especially when travelling alone, and so they would rather have a fully equipped kitchen to cook in, which is why an apart-hotel is perfect. Long-term assignees also benefit from this apartment type as they’re surrounded by residents as opposed to people who are staying on a short-term basis. A service apartment is an all-around outfitted loft and is accessible for transient or long-haul stays, and gives enhancements to utilize every day. For relocatees, staying in this type of setup gives them the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live in a certain location before committing to a long term accommodation solution. By continuing to use this site, you are giving us your consent to use cookies. A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stay, providing hotel-like amenities such as room service, housekeeping, a fitness center, a laundry … A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment, available for both short-term and long-term stays. Particularly in Europe, the term “serviced apartments” is often used to describe what is more commonly called “corporate housing” in the United States. Serviced Apartment are fully furnished apartments available for both short-term as well as long-term stays, providing all the hotel-like amenities. In this article, we will take you through the tips to choosing the right serviced. “If the serviced apartment does not allow for permanent occupancy under the terms of the management agreement, this would be considered a ‘restrictive agreement’,” she explains. An on-site managed serviced apartment will usually feature a reception and property manager. Very good serviced apartment and excellent service with nice staff. Serviced apartments are essentially homes away from home. Anyone can stay in a serviced apartment but you’ll find some providers may be more corporate focussed while others are aimed towards the leisure market. Serviced Accommodation and Planning Law Rob: Hi, it's Rob from Property Investments UK, and in today's video, we're going to be looking at serviced accommodation and planning law, and effectively, the things you need to consider and know as to make sure that your property or serviced … We offer stylishly designed and fully equipped temporary furnished apartments nationally and globally, with access to over 100,000 apartments worldwide. If you’re a leisure guest then you may not be as clued-up about Serviced Apartments, as say a frequent business traveller. “A serviced apartment is a commercially registered business with a specified entrance, dedicated reception or guest services team. Book now! Element Fresh restaurant was very good. In some instances, entire houses are available, although they’re still referred to as a serviced apartment. Business travellers are looking for somewhere to hold meetings and conferences, as well as work and relax throughout their visit to the area. A serviced apartment also has kitchen … This means multiple rooms with tables and chairs, substantial closet space, fully fitted kitchen and … Serviced apartments with multiple bedrooms are of great value to those willing to share accommodation as it helps to reduce costs. For business travellers with their minds firmly on their personal fitness, some of our apartments (usually aparthotels), have on-site leisure facilities. Whether you need to be close to your office or you’re bringing along your pet dog, your account manager will provide you with options which match your criteria. It may, in fact, be referred to as a short stay apartment for this reason: because in terms of apartment … It's quite common to find a gym on-site with cardiovascular equipment, but depending on the property, some also feature swimming pools, saunas, spas and yoga rooms. The VAT rate for subsequent days is applied only to 20% of the rate (in effect a rate of 4% is charged on the whole rate after the first 28 days). In addition to amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, housewares and electronics, serviced apartments include housekeeping, guest service, utilities and WiFi. Officially, ‘Serviced Apartment’ is the umbrella term for a type of furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stays, which provides amenities, housekeeping and a range of services for guests … Rob: Yeah. They can thus offer the perfect short-term solution during relocation, home renovations, extended medical stays or even vacations when you need some extra room and want to have everything you need at your fingertips. Similarly, many apartments offer on-site parking which is a rarity in many central city locations. In combination with private kitchen facilities, these added perks provide guests with more choice when it comes to enjoying something to eat. Check out our serviced apartments Please And just as you’d predict from their name, serviced apartments also offer guests a wide range of services. Like corporate housing, serviced apartments offer guests a full-service solution with all the amenities they need to be comfortable living away from home on a temporary basis (usually 30 days or more). Minimum length of stay for this market is. A condominium, is a private residential living space, which is owned by an individual or … In terms of pricing, rates generally go down as the length of stay increases. Services include housekeeping, maintenance and Frontdesk support. Some serviced apartments are housed in predominantly residential properties. It includes a small kitchen, bathroom and living area and provides … With all of the variations, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what a serviced apartment is but that’s the beauty of this type of temporary accommodation. Rented for either a short (daily, weekly) or long-term (monthly) stay, serviced apartment… Please submit this Reservation Request form and you will be contacted within one business day by our Reservations team. This type of serviced apartment is best for those looking for the privacy and flexibility of a serviced apartment but with the additional services found in a hotel. Every unit wil feature kitchen facilities and housekeeping will be provided at … They are 100% dedicated, … On-site managed and off-site managed serviced apartments. Corporate housing. In short, serviced apartments allow you to experience the same types of comforts and conveniences that you have at home but without the hassle, which is a key difference between a regular apartment and a serviced apartment. Many of them are located in the heart of key cities and neighborhoods, within walking distance of world-class shopping, restaurants, entertainment, business and transportation hubs. read more about our processes and policies during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. There’s no limit to what a serviced apartment can include; there’s one in our portfolio that includes a super-car for you to use during your stay! A serviced apartment or SoHo is categorised as low voltage commercial premises and according to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), the minimum monthly charge is RM7.20. Broadly speaking, a serviced apartment is a type of accommodation that can be booked on a night-by-night basis. What is a serviced apartment? Temporary furnished housing. Generally, serviced apartments are best suited to stays longer than four nights but the benefits of a serviced apartment can also be enjoyed by those staying for just one or two nights as well. Sadly swimming pool being refurbished (we … Typically, a serviced … Serviced apartments are self contained apartments available to rent from as little as one night, or for over a year – literally what ever dates you need. Additional savings come into play because guests at serviced apartments can opt to cook food in their own kitchen rather than having to eat out for every meal. Serviced apartments are either managed on-site or off-site. Every unit wil feature kitchen facilities and housekeeping will be provided at least once a week. More often than not, serviced apartments are a cheaper alternative than hotel rooms plus they … (800) 221-2808 An aparthotel takes on-site management a step further by also including facilities that are usually associated with a hotel. With so many different terms to describe this form of housing—particularly in different parts of the world—it can be difficult to find introductory information on the topic. Paul: By definition serviced accommodation is a fully furnished apartment. That’s a lot more square footage to relax in. On average, serviced apartments have 30% more space than a hotel and this is most apparent when looking at the living area of an apartment. Short-term rentals. Furthermore, there are key differences between hotels and serviced apartments. A serviced apartment is a furnished apartment that's available for both a short-term and long-term stay. Furnished Quarters is the largest independently owned and operated supplier of global temporary As well as a reception and property manager, features can include a gym, bar and concierge services. Thank you for considering Furnished Quarters. Lenders consider serviced apartment… Serviced apartments are generally fully-furnished for personal and professional use. Many serviced apartments are large enough to hold meetings or have guests over for dinner without feeling cramped. Furnished Quarters, for example, offers serviced apartments with rates that average 30 to 50 percent less than typical hotels. The HarbourView Place @ the ICC megalopolis , Two MacDonnell Road , and Little Tai Hang are some of our most popular serviced apartment… An off-site managed serviced apartment has no staff on-site and keys are usually collected from a safety deposit box. The living space is another feature which people used to staying in hotels really value when they stay in a serviced apartment for the first time. The Serviced Apartment Charter The charter is the result of the serviced apartment, aparthotel and corporate housing providers first moves to introduce clear definitions to an industry which has huge … While this type of accommodation is popular on sharing economy services such as Airbnb, unlike on those websites, properties on the SilverDoor website meet stringent safeguarding standards ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable stay. What are serviced apartments? Serviced apartments are paid for in a similar way to a hotel except that the rate per night reduces as the length of stay increases - see the graph above for an example. The serviced apartment is built, normally, to accommodate people for anything up to six months. Particularly in Europe, the term “serviced apartments” is often used to describe what is more commonly called “corporate housing” in the United States. They offer, on average, 30% more space than hotel rooms. We use cookies to tailor our advertising and make interactions with our website easy and meaningful. Furnished apartments. Here’s a guide to the many different types of serviced apartments on offer and the features which make them the ideal temporary accommodation solution. Serviced apartments typically include soft-furnishings and … A serviced apartment is similar to renting a flat but without the long term lease and it's also cleaned regularly. Americas (USA) : +1 303 498 7111, EMEA (UK) : +44 (0)20 8090 8090, APAC (Singapore) : +65 6460 4000, Personalising the serviced apartment experience. What is a Serviced Apartment? Large sized rooms for such a big city. View Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user Families, for example, benefit as they’re able to stay together in one serviced apartment as opposed to multiple hotel rooms. Serviced apartments are generally much larger than hotel rooms—and unlike hotel rooms, these special residences are much more than a bed and a bath, truly offering the benefits of full-sized furnished apartments. Luxury serviced apartments with key locations across London. housing, offering over 100,000 furnished apartments in more than 800 cities worldwide. Many agents, including SilverDoor, offer a free to use service for booking your serviced apartment. To find the serviced apartment that's right for you, start by browsing our interactive destinations map. What is a Serviced Apartment? A serviced apartment (or service apartment) usually includes the following within the rental price: All pieces of furniture (couch, beds, closets, tables, chairs…) Bedding & bed linen (mattress, … Booking through an agent ensures that the greatest range of serviced apartments are available to choose from as their portfolios are built from numerous operator inventories. Space and privacy: business people and … experience. Fortunately, while serviced apartments go by many different names, the benefits and services remain the same across the globe. So, if guests are in a rush or just want something low-key, they can use their own private kitchen, but if they're meeting friends or just fancy something special, they can use on-site amenities. Dining tables allow you eat dinner without being propped up in bed and you can watch television from the comfort of a sofa. Serviced apartments are designed to … Our apartments are professionally cleaned and sanitized. Simply put, a serviced apartment is an apartment that offers the convenience of a hotel but has the added space and privacy of a private home. To give you the short answer, a serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment, available for both short-term and long-term stays, providing amenities for daily use, housekeeping and a range … Book now! You’ve marked these properties as your favorites. A serviced apartment is a fully furnished unit (size will vary) that combines apartment living with the amenities often found in a hotel. Often the serviced apartment will be equipped similarly to the other apartments in the property. While the fundamentals stay the same, continued growth and demand mean that it’s an exciting time for serviced apartments and the people that stay in them. From the basic requirements defined at the beginning of this article, operators can add features and facilities which create exciting and innovative serviced apartment offerings. Furthermore, there are key differences between hotels and serviced apartments. Furnished Quarters can fulfill the needs of both domestic and international visitors who need serviced apartments. Like corporate housing, serviced apartments offer guests a full-service solution with all the amenities they need to be comfortable living away from home on a temporary basis (usually 30 days or more). Serviced apartments give you the space you need. Over 80% of serviced apartments now include wireless internet at no extra cost and premium television subscriptions such as Sky are increasingly common. The above demarcates the minimum specification for a serviced apartment but from this modest set of requirements there are a number of features which create different variants that all fall under the umbrella of serviced apartments. A private … What are some of the best serviced apartments for stays in Hong Kong? A serviced apartment offers the best of both worlds. A serviced apartment can include a washing machine, dishwasher, tumble drier, oven, hob, toaster, kettle, Hi-Fi, iPod dock, just about anything you'd want it to. info@furnishedquarters.com, (800) 221-2808 It gives you the flexibility of choosing whether to eat out or prepare food for yourself in the comfort of your apartment. You can experience the freedom and space of a private apartment and enjoy the services you are used to at a five-star hotel at the same … Agents often have account managers whose expertise can be called upon to help find the serviced apartment that’s right for you. What’s more, serviced apartments can offer significant cost savings over hotels as well. info@furnishedquarters.com. It is true that many leisure guests are … Serviced apartments can offer the perfect solution to many business trips and also pleasure … On average, a serviced apartment in Hong Kong costs $128 per night (based on Booking.com prices). Enquire. Serviced apartments can be booked directly through an operator or via an independent agent. A serviced apartment is a furnished apartment that is available for short-term or long-term stays. In a serviced apartment, you have access to the complete package. A good account manager will discuss your needs and take into consideration any requirements you may have. Serviced apartments in Berlin, Germany, are some of the best in the world: high standards for cleanliness, order, and customer satisfaction mean that every apartment lives up to expectations! A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for short or long-term stays. Before you can spend money on renting a serviced apartment, it is a good idea to know what to look for in the apartments you are considering. 24/7 support team, chauffeur pick-ups, meet & greets and welcome hampers. We'll get back to you very soon. A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment, with hotel-like amenities such as gym, pool and more. A serviced apartment is a type of fully furnished housing, which includes a range of home-like amenities and hotel-like services, all included within the overall rental price. Most include a bedroom (or multiple bedrooms depending on … Both types of management have their advantages; off-site management provides more privacy while on-site management ensures staff are available to provide assistance. A hob and kitchenware like pots, pans, crockery and cutlery come as standard while many apartments have fully-fitted kitchens with a full oven and a comprehensive range of cooking implements.

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